Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Marcie and Diogi

Evidence has clinically proven that therapy dogs measure an increase in the quality of life.  For those who are in need of services in terms of substance abuse issues, mental health concerns, returning veterans suffering from PTSD, and trauma clients have all proven to significantly benefit from a Certified Therapy Dog.  Many employees also benefit from a K9 visit, those who may be suffering from burnout, stress, and exhaustion are especially this special friend.

Our Dogs

Diogi Therapy Dog

Diogi The Therapy Dog

Therapy Dogs International has been in business since 1976 and has it’s headquarters in New Jersey. Ms. McMaster has been a member since 2003 when she first became involved with her german shepherd, Taz. He was a 2 year old german shepherd that saved a young girl from drowning.

After he showed the propensity for children and a natural instinct to swim and save lives, he became a certified therapy dog. His career spanned from “The Reading with Rover” program to working with adults in an inpatient residential treatment facility. Taz retired in June of 2011 and passed away at the age of 11 in October of 2011 after a long career assisting others.

Diogi was the second german shepherd to become a therapy dog and certified through therapy dogs international in July of 2013. He served as a therapy dog for numerous treatment centers, home visits, and private practice.  Diogi accomplished over 500 visits awarded Platinum status.  Diogi passed away on August 1, 2019.

Karma is the newest addition to the Diogi Health & Wellness Center team.  It is not yet determined as to what her “job title” will be.  She is now 5 years old & established herself as a wonderful alert & protection dog.