“Diogi Health & Wellness Center continues to assist our existing program since our conception in 2014.  Diogi Health & Wellness Center has once again spearheaded a considerable effort for our newest levels of care and expanded location.  We are now offering Adult inpatient detoxification and residential services at our beautiful Miami location on 16565 NE 4th Avenue, Miami, FL.  33162.  Navigating the different systems of PLADS, AHCA, DCF, and all the fine details that it takes to obtain a license is no easy feat, yet Marcie and her stellar team at Diogi Health & Wellness Center did this in near record time with a streamlined and stress free system!  I would highly recommend her and Diogi Health & Wellness Center to anyone in the behavioral healthcare setting, Marcie is very gifted in her craft”.

Jeffrey Huttman, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Licensed Psychologist, 

Evolutions Treatment Center Website: www.evolutionstreatment.com

16565 NE 4th Avenue, Miami, FL.  33162


“Paragon received its Joint Commission accreditation effective as of today, AUGUST 17, 2018. We were able to achieve this milestone in what must be near-record time (just 2 months after we opened!).  A special thanks must also go to Marcie McMaster & DIOGI HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER for spearheading these efforts, keeping the train on the tracks and providing us with the necessary tools and knowledge to allow us to take these next steps. Marcie is our licensing consultant and there is nobody better at their job in this industry than Marcie”.-Eric Scher, CEO, 561-717-0486. August 2018.