“DIOGI HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER along with Marcie McMaster made the licensing process for DCF easy to understand. She had clear cut instructions, made my job easier, followed up, and obtained our probationary license. I highly recommend anyone looking to get licensed to meet with Marcie and her team at DIOGI HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER.” October 5,2018.  


DCF_Logo_circ_CMYKKevin Choi, Owner & CEO for Harm Reduction Center.


“Diogi Health & Wellness Center assisted our facility after we were already licensed and joint commission accredited.  Our primary concern at Mt. Sinai is the safety of our patients and staff, which we take very seriously.  Diogi Health & Wellness Center completed our ICM (intra-cycle monitoring) for Joint Commission, audited our emr’s, came out in person to see our facility, met with all of our staff, and most importantly went through the facility with a fine-tooth comb to address any potential safety concerns.  All of consultant Marcie’s suggestions were corrected on site and we are thrilled to have her as our consultant going forward. Marcie of Diogi Health & Wellness Center is a real pro and I highly recommend her to anyone in the behavioral health care arena.”

-DAN HARVEY, CEO & OWNER, MOUNT SINAI WELLNESS CENTER, 330 Mt Sinai Drive, Dahlonega, GA 30533


“Diogi Health & Wellness Center continues to assist our existing program since our conception in 2014.  Diogi Health & Wellness Center has once again spearheaded a considerable effort for our newest levels of care and expanded location.  We are now offering Adult inpatient detoxification and residential services at our beautiful Miami location on 16565 NE 4th Avenue, Miami, FL.  33162.  Navigating the different systems of PLADS, AHCA, DCF, and all the fine details that it takes to obtain a license is no easy feat, yet Marcie and her stellar team at Diogi Health & Wellness Center did this in near record time with a streamlined and stress free system!  I would highly recommend her and Diogi Health & Wellness Center to anyone in the behavioral healthcare setting, Marcie is very gifted in her craft”.

Jeffrey Huttman, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Licensed Psychologist, 

Evolutions Treatment Center Website: www.evolutionstreatment.com

16565 NE 4th Avenue, Miami, FL.  33162


“Paragon received its Joint Commission accreditation effective as of today, AUGUST 17, 2018. We were able to achieve this milestone in what must be near-record time (just 2 months after we opened!).  A special thanks to Marcie McMaster & DIOGI HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER for spearheading these efforts, keeping the train on the tracks and providing us with the necessary tools and knowledge to allow us to take these next steps. Marcie is our licensing consultant and there is nobody better at their job in this industry than Marcie”.-Eric Scher, CEO, 561-717-0486. August 2018.

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“We have worked with Marcie & Diogi Health & Wellness Center for over four years, our treatment center was recently awarded The Joint Commission Accreditation under her vast knowledge and skill. Marcie is a consummate professional who works smart and diligent to get the job done. She continues to exceed our expectations. Although we had several minor issues, Marcie swiftly navigated all of them, helped us correct them quickly, and brought us in with flying colors. As a consultant, she is bright, intuitive and accessible, which is invaluable to a boutique business like ours. It has been a wonderful partnership for us the last four years, and we look forward to Diogi Health & Wellness’s continued insight with all our ongoing compliance audits”. We have never received a score lower than 98%! I would highly recommend Marcie and her company to anyone who wants to elevate policies/procedures/compliance to the next level. JUNE 20, 2018

CEO, Safe Haven Recovery

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“We engaged Marcie to assist us with our DCF license applications. Even though she stepped into the middle of a very difficult situation, Marcie was able to identify the issues holding up our application and get us back on track. Her experience, diligence and hard work were invaluable in helping us negotiate the application process and allow us to finally get our licenses. Her communication with us was always timely and she always steered us in the right direction.  We cannot recommend Marcie strongly enough for your DCF needs and we look forward to working with her again in the near future on our Joint Commission application”.MAY 2018

 -Eric D. Scher, CEO, OWNER

Eric Scher





“Diogi Health & Wellness Center is highly recommended for any facility looking for DCF licensure.  The words that come to mind are highly professional, outstanding communication skills with a 48 hour turnaround on all phone calls and emails.  The BEST in the business.  We were successfully licensed within 4 weeks of hiring Diogi Health & Wellness Center and submitting our applications to DCF for adult detox, intensive inpatient, and residential treatment.  It was seamless and stress free. I would highly recommend her and her company”. MAY 19, 2018
– Dr. Jose R. Toledo, Owner/CEO 






“Diogi has remained supportive of our needs as we have grown through the years and provided excellent consultation services upon our expansion to additional DCF levels, as well as through the ACHA licensure process when we added our mental health primary treatment program.   I highly recommend Diogi for those facilities seeking support and consultation in the accreditation process”.-Jeffrey Huttman, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Licensed Psychologist, MAY 2018

Evolutions Treatment Center Website: www.evolutionstreatment.com, 2900 W. Cypress Creek Rd, Suite 2, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


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“Marcie NAILED IT. She said if we followed her lead we would pass. We never expected to meet 99.75% of the Joint Commission Standards.  I will bet on Marcie every time”. JANUARY 31, 2018


SAFE FUTURE LLC. Practice location: 1400 NE 125TH ST NORTH MIAMI FL 33161-6034.

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“Marcie and Diogi Health & Wellness Center has worked with PRN for Families, Inc. for the past year, supporting our efforts, and giving guidance to gain Joint Commission Accreditation.  We are thrilled to say all that effort and work paid off in July 2017 when we received our accreditation.  Many continued THANKS to Marcie for all she did to help us.  Her continued support during the next several months will be invaluable as we work to gain solid ground to all the new processes.  Thank You!” SHEILA THORNTON, ADMIN EXECUTIVE

PRN for Families, Inc., 303-807-9175(phone), 303-993-7144 (fax), sthornton@prnforfamilies.com 

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 “I stepped in and took over a struggling facility with a schedule JCO inspection in a little over two weeks.  After knowing the impeccable woman that founded Diogi Health & Wellness Center I knew I had no other choice than to call them and get the ball rolling.  With a nearly impossible task ahead of us, the realization of time suddenly hit all of us like a freight train.  My team, their team and everyone involved sprung into action.  I am thrilled to say that this woman not only dove in, but without hesitation promptly aided my entire team of treatment professionals.  After 17 days of hard work and an AMAZING partnership we successfully passed with minimal things to correct. I believe whole heartedly that we accomplished in 17 days what would normally take 9 months.  If you have any hesitation on obtaining their services… DONT!  You will thank me in the long run.  Blessed to have this woman on my side”! -Scottie Collins, CEO, Mending Fences Recovery Center, 844-400-Mend, 561-951-9847- Cell, scollins@mendingfences.us

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We hired Marcie as a consultant to help us go through our Joint Commission accreditation process in 2016 and she has worked far beyond what we expected from her.

We were particularly impressed by Marcie’s ability to handle some of our reluctance to change due to the enormous amount of administrative work required by this accreditation. Marcie was able to lead multiple departments of our organization to meet our common goal.

On a personal note, while Marcie is a hard worker, I can still hear her laughter as she completed her tasks.  Not only is Marcie professional, she has a cheerful personality necessary to make this process as smooth as possible.

Marcie earns my highest recommendation as a consultant for any business need for which she is qualified.”


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“Diogi Health & Wellness Center recently completed my licensure for DCF in record time. The professionalism and VIP follow through is exceptional. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in licensure, training, compliance, accreditation, and more to utilize Diogi Health & Wellness Center”
-Franco Policaro, MD
CEO, Seaside Treatment Center, INC


“Diogi Health and Wellness Center provided excellent guidance and support through our initial DCF audit and full licensure. Marcie is a highly experienced clinician who understand the nuances of clinical care. We utilized her expertise to assist with policy and procedures, chart practices, and personnel matters in order to assure an optimal level of compliance. Additionally, as a small company, she was able to listen to our needs and afford our treatment center with an individualized attention with customized advice.  We utilized the services of Diogi Health and Wellness in order to pursue Joint Commission accreditation for our treatment facility.  I found them to be far more responsive and individualized in their efforts for us than companies I have utilized for accreditation services while supervising at prior treatment facilities.Their consultation and recommendations were geared towards our needs and not cookie cutter.  Diogi provided practical guidance that we were able to utilize to successfully pass our initial survey, while putting lasting changes into place that improved our overall care.  I have utilized their services for multiple licensures and accreditation matters and have found them to be consistent in their delivery of all contracted efforts.  I highly recommend Diogi for those facilities seeking support and consultation in the accreditation process”.
-Dr. Jeffrey Huttman
CEO TLC Recovery


“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marcie since 2009.  Since that time, my experience is that Marcie is very professional, ethical, and knowledgeable.  This is nicely combined with the quality of being honest and forthcoming which makes her a very trustworthy clinician and colleague.  Marcie knows the ins and outs of treatment both from a clinical and administrative perspective which makes her an asset to anyone working with her.  Marcie is well known for for her skill and compassion for her therapy dogs and the individuals she helps using them.  First Taz and now Diogi.  I personally miss Taz”.
-Lacresha Hall, M.D. FAPA
CEO/Founder Hallway of Life Recovery Center
Board Certified in Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Forensic Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine

“Diogi Health & Wellness Center is highly recommended for any facility looking for Joint commission accreditation.  The words that come to mind are highly professional, outstanding communication skills with a 48 hour turnaround on all phone calls/emails, and the BEST in the business.  We were successfully accredited within 6 months of hiring Diogi Health & Wellness Center.  In addition, we found ourselves between clinical directors and The Diogi Health and Wellness Center jumped into action to assist our facility. Ms. McMaster facilitated our DCF audits, policy and procedure manuals, and training for our Outpatient Detoxification, PHP, IOP, & OP program. It was seamless and stress free. I would highly recommend her and her company”.
– Dr. Jose R. Toledo
Owner/CEO New Life Addiction Treatment Center and Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches. 

“Our experience working with Diogi Health and Wellness was excellent.  Marcie’s professionalism and guidance from  the pre-planning stages to the DCF Audit  provided us the reassurance we needed that we would meet each goal and milestone on time and on budget. I would recommend them to anyone looking to open an treatment center or to monitor existing centers operations to improve performance and efficiencies  “Diogi Health & Wellness Center facilitated and provided consulting throughout our Joint commission experience.  We opened our doors in March 2015 and were fully licensed through child & Family Services as well as accredited with the Joint commission in July 2015. Diogi Health & Wellness Center exhibits epic customer service, awesome clinical guidance, superstar training’s, and actually quite brilliant in their execution of there craft”.-Bernadette Schultz, CEO, Grace’s Way Recovery, LLC

 “Diogi Health & Wellness Center completed our applications and policy and procedures manual for DCF licensure in Miami/Dade.  They also fully trained our staff on Human Resource policy, best clinical practices, and offer an amazing customer service.  What a pleasure to work with a highly skilled, professional, and pleasant consulting company.  We passed our probationary audit with a 98% score and did so well that we did not have to complete a corrective action report. I can not think of a better consulting company and would highly recommend Diogi Health & Wellness for any of your treatment center needs”.  -CEO/SAFE HAVEN RECOVERY LLC   

 “Marcie is truly a master at her craft. My business has been elevated in policy and procedures as a direct result of Diogi Health & Wellness Consulting. We had no problems or worries being audited and licensed by DCF two years consecutively. If there is a lack of information or charting, Diogi is sure to sniff it out. I highly recommend Diogi Health & Wellness Center consulting to anyone looking to do it right”.
-Michael Chahalis

“Marcie is the best clinical director and mentor ever.  Everyone she comes into contact with is positively impacted by her knowledge, compassion, and   clinical skills”-Dena Webster, RN

  “Marcie McMaster was my clinical supervisor for several years.  I could not have asked for a more experienced and supportive clinical supervisor.  I would highly recommend her for any registered social work intern”
-Renee Tong, LCSW

“Marcie is a dedicated supervisor with over 25 years of clinical experience who specializes in addiction, forensics, and mental health.  She is compassionate, bright, resourceful, and encouraging, and truly a gift to those in the mental health field”
-Esther Lupin, LCSW

“Getting supervision with the right instructor that has advance knowledge in the field was a primary concern for me moving forward with a final decision.  Marcie is not only knowledgeable with advance years of experience in the field, she is also very personable, flexible, and supportive.  Not many people can meet you where you’re at but she has for me continuously.  It has been and continues to be a pleasure for me working with her as I continue my supervision to obtain my LCSW.”
-Andre Massena, Registered Social Work Intern

“Marcie helped me to understand my role as a clinician, a lot of time when you speak to someone in a supervisory role you get timid and are afraid of saying something stupid or asking a stupid question but Marcie never let me feel that way.  I was free to express my struggles and opinions judgment free and that is why I enjoyed supervision.  It was kind of like my own therapy session not just about how I could help my client but myself as a clinician moving forward.  I can honestly say I’m a better clinician after having Marcie as my supervisor not just because of the knowledge I have gained but her real experience that helped me see I do not have to be perfect, I just have to do the best that I can do”.

-Rovener, Daniel, Registered Social Work Intern

Marcie McMaster was my supervisor for my two year internship to earn my LCSW.   I chose Ms. McMaster, due to her knowledge, experience, and
dedication she has given to the field of social work. She is compassionate, understanding, and was available any time I needed her.  I highly recommend Ms. McMaster for supervision. She guided and advised me through professional and personal difficulties, resulting in my acceleration of knowledge and confidence, at work and within myself. She was great!

-Valerie Kline, LCSW, CAP

This is from a former client of mine on 2/7/2009 and this is why I do what I do…

“I really didn’t get to say “goodbye” properly. It was nice to have someone listen and show such compassion. You have a real gift for that and hope that whatever you’re doing showcases that. Your puppies are beautiful and you look like you’re doing really well. Happy belated Birthday, looks like you ‘broads’ had fun. lol. Keep smiling and know you’ve got a friend in Connecticut. I know, that’s the Pennsylvania slogan, but…..hey, speaking of Pa. , How ’bout them Steelers?? Thanks again and keep truckin’….-Andrew S